Chatham House/Clarendon House, Ramsgate

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• Name: Chatham House, Clarendon House
• Nature: Refurbishment
• Location: Chatham Place, Ramsgate, Kent
• Length of contract: 9 Months


All the exterior stone work is being restored and cleaned without destroying the patina which has taken over 100 years to create. The brickwork is also undergoing extensive restoration with all damaged bricks being cut out and replaced and large areas of the elevations re-pointed to match the original.

All windows, and there are over 400, are being restored, draft excluders added, broken glass replaced, timber and steel repairs, replacement furniture as required, all sourced to match the existing, and redecorated inside and out.

Extensive Internal refurbishment including decorations, plaster repairs, and replacement floor coverings.

Time Lapse video of the Rolling Roof during installation.